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Client Testimonials

  • Megan, ZanaAfrica
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    “Little Wing's donation of $1,000 helped us to get Kenya-wide market insights about what girls want for a sanitary pad pad in order to feel supported as they become women. Thanks to this donation we were able to recruit a pro-bono Creative Director from MTV Network for seven months to help develop our pad's brand. We now have a brand name, and hope to finalize the brand this summer, 2012. By the middle of next year we will test our pads in the market and prepare to break ground for our factory. It's amazing how the simple solution of pads and health education can keep girls in school and allow them to pursue their dreams. Thank you!!

    ZanaAfrica is US-based 501c3 and a social enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya. Our mission is to create opportunity for education and financial freedom for Kenyan girls and women through health education, empowerment and delivery of sanitary pads. In Kenya alone, over 800,000 girls miss 6 weeks of school each year due to lack of pads and related health information. ZanaAfrica is solving this problem by making radically affordable, eco-friendly pads that support girls aspirations, delivering health information, and informing gender-based policy. Our funders include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Nike Foundation, and phenomenal individuals who believe in the power of girls and women to change the world and in organizational self-sustainability. Learn more: or contact our founder directly,”
    -- Megan


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